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Dorota Batkiewicz

B Arts (Mus), PostGradDip (MUS). A graduate of DePaul University,Chicago, USA and a Piano Scholarship recipient of Northeastern Illinois University,Chicago while Studying Music Performance with Dr. Bob Andersen. Currently completing Master of Music at the University of Queensland. A professional member of Music Teachers' Assoc. of QLD with over 20 years of experience in teaching and accompanying.

Nathan Zhang

Studied piano since 4 years old and ranked No.1 in the result list of the Entering Examinations in Guangxi Art college in China. Started to learn piano skills with tutor, SI FAN CHEN, who graduated from CNR de Paris and CNR de Boulogne-Billancourt in highest degree, for 4 years.

Currently studying piano performance with Dr Anna Grinberg at The University of Queensland in a Masters of Music program.

In 2017 he graduated from The GuangXi Art college, as piano performance bachelor, and completed a dissertation.

In 2016, traveled to USA and had a recital in Portland where he was awarded at SINO-AMERICAN YOUTH PIANO CONCERT.

On November in 2015 completed 2 recitals in Nanning and Guilin with SI Fan Chen.

In addition, he attained a series of prizes from local competitions in China, such as the excellence award of The First China-ASEAN Piano Competition.

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